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Implementation Services

Implementation Services, a core strength of Trinity Computer Services Ltd, are a key element of any successful distribution project.

Key Features:

  • 25 years of extensive systems and implementation experience
  • Team based methodology – emphasis on planning and progress monitoring
  • Trinity Project Manager is the single point of contact and organises Trinity resources
  • Detailed analysis of business requirements in conjunction with customer staff
  • Advice on key software issues such as software configuration and data conversion
  • Adaptable training programs to precisely fit customer skill levels and requirements
  • Hands on support if required in areas such as data set up
  • Customisation services to match software with business requirements

Implementation of a Myridas solution is a joint activity between Trinity and the users of the new system. Trinity and the customer work together, each supplying experience and knowledge as well as appropriate resources. The aim is to provide a smooth implementation with minimum disruption to the business.

Planning and monitoring the progress of the implementation is a key success factor. Customer staff will have to prepare for the new system, whilst still having to run existing systems. Overtime and additional resources may be required. A senior member of the customer’s staff should be appointed as overall Project Manager and the key staff involved in the process identified as soon as possible.

Trinity’s implementation team is chosen carefully to ensure that the skills and experience available fit the implementation as well as possible. The team will comprise a minimum of a Project Manager and a trainer but can be extended to include additional trainers, product specialists and software developers.

Trinity’s implementation services include:

  • Project planning and control
  • Implementation consultancy
  • Training
  • Implementation assistance

Project Planning and Control

Trinity’s Project Manager supports and advises the customer on project matters throughout the implementation period.

The service covers:

  • Advice on setting project objectives and timescales
  • Advice on the structure of customer implementation team
  • Planning and scheduling of main activities
  • Progress monitoring to meet budget and timescales
  • Single customer contact point to ensure efficient communications
  • Organisation of Trinity internal resources to meet agreed implementation deadlines
  • Post implementation review to ensure project objectives have been achieved before hand-over to Trinity Support
  • Keeping project on track, adhering to Myridas implementation guidelines

Implementation Consultancy

Myridas solutions comprise a comprehensive range of applications software modules which are highly configurable and offer wide-ranging flexibility in how systems can be set up. In addition, they are simple to customise to meet particular requirements eg screen layout adjustment, introduction of business logic for data validation.

Although customer staff can be trained to handle both configuration and customisation, during implementation advice in these areas is provided by the Trinity project manager, or a Myridas specialist.

The process involves several steps:

(1) Review of current systems, methods and business requirements

(2) Recommendation on changes to procedures to make maximum use of Myridas solutions

(3) Production of a business review document covering configuration of the system, customisation and data transfer

(4) Implementation of business review recommendations

(5) Thorough testing of configured system prior to ‘live’ operation

While Myridas applications software is designed for distributors, new functionality may sometimes be required. Additional software will be identified and specified during the review process. Development work will then be carried out at Trinity according to strict quality standards. The system is released only after thorough testing by the Trinity and customer project teams and a final approval by the Project Managers.

From review through to final testing, the aim is to provide a high performance software system which fully meets the business requirements.

Implementation Assistance

In some implementations, Trinity has found that there is a need for additional support from Trinity staff following training. This is required to ensure that there is a smooth transition of users from training mode to correct operation of the new live system.

The two key stages where this service is useful are:

(1) Data setup – correct entry of data is crucial to overall success of the project

(2) Initial live operation – (hand-holding is normally required in the first 2 / 3 days of live running)

Having an experienced Trinity trainer or software specialist on hand at both these points can be a major contributor to the overall success of the project.

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