Product Overview

“We saw that Trinity could provide the perfect combination of business fit and long-term investment protection. Trinity consultants worked closely with us to define and implement a solution that has delivered far-reaching benefits to the sales, logistics, management and finance teams”. Wendy Wroe, Financial Controller, Cakes for the Connoisseur.

Microsoft Dynamics GPis a broad-based mid-market ERP solution with rich out-of-the-box functionality. A set of easy to use customisation tools allows screen layouts and field labels to be modified and new data tables to be added in a matter of minutes by authorised users. Microsoft Office and complementary products such as Business Portal and Demand Planner are fully integrated. Additionally the integration of third party applications is made simple via Integration Manager enabling a broad range of innovative software solutions to extend the core functionality and add value. With low total cost of ownership Microsoft Dynamics GPprovides a solution that’s right for both large and smaller companies.

Calling on over 20 years of software development expertise Trinity has further extended the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GPfor Wholesale Distribution. Collectively known as Myridas our modules are designed and developed using the same environment as Microsoft Dynamics GPleaving only a limited ‘foot-print’ on the ‘core’ software. Myridas modules are sold internationally to Microsoft Dynamics GPusers worldwide and several key modules have been purchased by Microsoft and are now included as options on the main price list.

Sales Order Processing

Make it easy for your customers to do business with you, and make sure you take full advantage of every opportunity to maximise the sale. Use the fully featured telesales software to ensure fast order entry and help order takers to promote products, increase order values and improve margins. Provide trade counter users with an easy to use EPOS system that links in real time to back office stock systems. Integrate eCommerce and collaborative trading and provide an holistic view of trading activity with your customers. Take orders in the ‘field’ with wireless solutions that provide real time access to back office systems 24/7.

Inventory Management

Manage large complex inventories with ease using specialist tools for creating, deleting and copying item records. Simplify the way multiple selling and purchasing units are handled. Mange kits and batch/lot controlled items with minimum intervention. Get organised in the warehouse and get the system to identify fast and slow moving lines and changes in demand. Use Demand Planner to add value to purchasing decisions and familiar ‘Front Office’ tools to compute optimum stock levels.

Warehouse Management

Use best of breed warehouse management systems that integrate seamlessly with back office applications.

Automated Data Capture

Use industry leading barcode scanning and labelling systems to improve the accuracy and efficiency of both the pick, pack and ship process and the receiving of inventory.

Purchase Order Processing

Optimise inventory replenishment levels using automated re-order point review processing and demand planning. Automated purchase order generation using on-line vendor price lists speeds up the ordering process. Advanced decision support features enable the buyer to see at a glance whether orders are hitting appropriate value or volume targets and allows him to adjust accordingly or even transfer lines between vendors. Fast receiving that can immediately release sales back-orders plus on-line invoice matching and automated management of landed costs. Drop-ships and back-to-back orders fully catered for. Vendor performance monitoring.

Financial Management

Equip your business with automated, customisable, and integrated financial operations to leverage financial data to make strategic decisions quickly.

Analytics & Reporting

Use powerful, customisable tools to help create the reports you need quickly and easily and provide compelling views of business data and key performance indicators.

Microsoft CRM

Improve business productivity – Microsoft CRM is designed from the ground up to help you sell more effectively, provide better service to your customers, and give you deeper knowledge of customers and sales activity. You’ll make informed business decisions faster.

Field Service Management

Manage service calls, contract administration, preventive maintenance, returns, and depot activity with an optimised system for electronically routing service information.

Project Accounting

Know exactly what’s happening with your projects in real time with access to critical cost, budget analysis, and scheduling information.


Manage production and resource planning with a suite of applications designed for make-to-stock, make-to-order, assemble-to-order and hybrid manufacturing environments.

Wireless Applications

Use the most reliable and cost effective telecommunications technology available to communicate in real time with your back office applications. Dramatically improve the productivity of your field sales/service operation.

Business Portal

Extend the reach of business applications, information, and processes with role-based delivery through a single Web-based portal.

Customisation & Integration Tools

Use industry-standard tools and technologies to add or change functionality, share data and processes with other applications and integrate with outside data sources.


Open new sales channels, help improve customer service, and enable remote sales personnel to place orders from any location, at any time.

Active Documents

Active Documents allows you to email Customer Statements and Vendor Remittance Advices with drill down capabilities, directly from Microsoft Dynamics GP. Your customers and vendors will be able to receive these time-saving documents almost immediately, and in a flexible format that allows detailed on-screen analysis and investigation. The result: less time spent on the administration of these essential functions and possibly even a reduced amount of debtor days.