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Microsoft Dynamics – Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GPwas founded in 1981 and grew to an annual turnover of around $300 million just prior to its acquisition by Microsoft in April 2001. It is now part of Microsoft Dynamics (MBS), a key Microsoft Division, which offers integrated business applications for small and mid-sized organisations.

Worldwide, Microsoft Dynamics GPhas over 150 000 users in 132 countries. The software is distributed through a network of 2,000 partners, which add development, installation and support services.

Prior to its acquisition, Microsoft Dynamics GPinvested heavily in product development – an average of 18% of its revenues over its last four years as an independent company. The R&D; spend was split across developing functionality in its core products and in broadening the product range by acquisition or by strategic integration of partner products.

Now, as part of Microsoft, the level of investment continues in the same vein. Major new releases are occurring every 12 – 18 months with substantial new functionality on offer with each release.

In addition to its own development effort, Microsoft Dynamics also has many solution developer partners – its “virtual” development community – providing add-on software surrounding the ‘core’ products. Trinity already has active relationships with a number of these suppliers and can draw on a range of additional standard software if required.

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“The development of the solution using leading-edge Microsoft tools ensures that our investment is future-proofed, thanks to the continuous, long-term support offered by Microsoft for its platforms”. Wendy Wroe, Cakes for the Connoisseur